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NRECA Legislative Conference Key Issues   
NREA Key Issues

2020 Key Bills

 Bill Number  Bill Title                                               NREA Position  Bill Summary
 LB 76

Change provisions relating to the nameplate capacity tax


 LB 148

Change requirements for public hearings on proposed budget statements and notices of meetings of public bodies

 LB 208

Provide an exception for leasing dark fiber or providing certain telecommunications and related services by a state agency or political subdivision

LB 743

Adopt updated electrical standards

LB 749

Adopt the Nebraska Anti-Terrorism Act

LB 768

Adopt and update references to federal transportation laws

LB 769

Change provisions relating to membership on the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission

LB 785

Change vehicle size, weight, and load provisions, provide for stinger-steered automobile transporters and towaway trailer transporter combinations, and define emergency vehicle

 LB 802

State a legislative finding and declaration relating to the right to use ground water

LB 813

State intent regarding appropriations for apprenticeships and provide powers for the Department of Labor

 LB 818

Adjust the nameplate capacity tax for inflation


LB 822

Change recall petition and election provisions

 LB 823

Provide for a special election prior to the exercise of eminent domain for transmission lines in certain circumstances

LB 824

Change provisions related to state and local building codes

 LB 846

Change provisions relating to compensation under the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act


LB 857

Require state agency review of rules and regulations

LB 858

Change provisions of the Municipal Cooperative Financing Act

LB 890

Provide for water, wastewater, utility, and sewer construction projects under the Political Subdivisions Construction Alternatives Act

LB 896

Require notice of construction and expansion of structures near military installations as prescribed

LB 898

Provide for the collocation of certain wireless facilities

LB 899

Provide certain powers to public power districts relating to biofuels and biofuel byproducts

LB 923

Change sales tax provisions relating to gross receipts

LB 926

Change provisions relating to violations of the Employee Classification Act

LB 933

Change provisions relating to discontinuance of utility service

LB 946

Change the sales tax rate and impose sales tax on additional services

LB 992

Adopt the Broadband Internet Service Infrastructure Act and provide for certain broadband and Internet-related services

 Monitor SUMMARY
LB 996

Create the Broadband Data Improvement Program

LB 1132

Change provisions relating to net metering

LB 1136

Prescribe when an interest in a contract is prohibited and eliminate a prohibition against such interest by a public power and irrigation district board member

 Monitor SUMMARY
LB 1159

Change certain use restrictions and provide for unlimited license examination attempts under the Pesticide Act

LB 1167

Require members of the public to be allowed to speak at each meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act

LB 1174

Change licensure provisions under the State Electrical Act

LB 1195

Change provisions regarding access to public records

LB 1201

Create the Flood Mitigation and Planning Task Force

LB 1205

Adopt the Renewable Energy Standards Act

LR 288

Urge Congress and the United States Corps of Engineers to prioritize flood control as a top priority for the management of water systems under their authority in the Missouri River Mainstream Reservoir System Water Control Manual

LR 294

Review various climate-related findings and acknowledge an anthropogenic climate and ecological crisis