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NRECA Legislative Conference Key Issues   
NREA Key Issues

2021 Key Bills

 Bill Number  Bill Title                                               NREA Position  Bill Summary
 LB 8

Change independent expenditure reporting requirements and require electioneering reporting


 LB 9

Change annexation requirements and property tax special valuation provisions


 LB 52
Provide for immunity for injury or death resulting from COVID-19 exposure   Monitor
LB 83 Change the Open Meetings Act to provide for virtual conferencing Neutral
LB 84

Redefine terms relating to tax incentive performance audits and the ImagiNE Nebraska Act

LB 112
Require members of the public to be allowed to speak at each meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act  Monitor  
LB 139
Adopt the COVID-19 Liability Protection Act
LB 148

Transfer certain environmental safety programs to the Department of Environment and Energy

LB 162

Provide a procedure for detachment of real property from the corporate limits of a city or village and eliminate existing detachment provisions

LB 212

Prohibit charging members of the Legislature fees for public record requests

LB 228
Change the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act

LB 257 

Change provisions relating to vacancies on public power and irrigation district boards

LB 265

Change provisions of the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act

LB 266

Adopt the Renewable Energy Standards Act

LB 272

Adopt the Apprenticeship Training Program Tax Credit Act


LB 279

Authorize certain activities that are eligible for assistance from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

LB 284
Provide requirements regarding federal funds under the Governor's Emergency Program
LB 293

Change the number of and qualifications for members of the Public Service Commission

LB 306

Provide eligibility requirements for the low-income home energy assistance program

LB 338

Provide powers and duties for the Public Service Commission regarding redirection of funding for broadband services

LB 339

Require a utility coordination plan for certain highway and bridge contracts

LB 344
Change provisions of the One-Call Notification System Act and create the Underground Excavation Safety Committee
LB 346

Adopt the Fueling Station Tax Credit Act

LB 368

Provide the Auditor of Public Accounts enforcement powers for failure of political subdivisions to file reports

LR 18 CA Constitutional amendment to change legislative term limits to three consecutive term  Monitor  
LB 388
Adopt the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act  Monitor  
LB 398
Change provisions relating to broadband speeds and services  Support  
LB 409 Provide a moratorium on construction of electric transmission lines and create the Electric Transmission Line Study Committee of the Legislature  Oppose  
LB 424 Provide and change zoning requirements for wind energy generation projects  Oppose  
LB 449
Appropriate funds to the Department of Environment and Energy
LB 455
Adopt the Broadband Pole Attachment Act   Oppose  SUMMARY
LB 456
Adopt the Nebraska Enhancing Broadband Act
LB 460
Authorize leasing of dark fiber and eliminate certain powers of the Public Service Commission   Support  
LB 467
Adopt updated electrical standards
LB 480
Change the minimum wage as prescribed
LB 482
Change provisions relating to use of public resources by public officials and public employees
LB 483
Provide for a climate change study and action plan
LB 498  Require the Public Service Commission to implement a broadband service testing and mapping program
LB 501  Adopt the Uniform Easement Relocation Act
LB 506
Change provisions relating to net metering provided by local distribution utilities
LB 512
Adopt the Critical Infrastructure Utility Worker Protection Act
 Support  SUMMARY
LB 513
Change qualifications and terms of public power district board members
LB 520
Provide for applications for the collocation of certain wireless facilities
LB 557 Change provisions relating to public records and include body-worn camera recordings in certain circumstances   Monitor  
LB 573
Change the definition of qualified facility for purposes of net metering
LB 576
Appropriate funds to the University of Nebraska
LB 600
Provide powers and duties for political subdivisions regarding broadband facilities and infrastructure   Support  
LB 604
Adopt the Nebraska Accelerated Broadband Deployment Grant Program Act and change telecommunications provisions
LB 606  Clarify terms relating to power districts
LB 619  Change excavation requirements under the One-Call Notification System Act   Monitor  
LB 627
Change provisions relating to qualified voters for certain public power district elections
LB 650
Adopt the Nebraska Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide Act
LB 656 Authorize municipalities to provide broadband and Internet services
LB 683  Change provisions relating to net metering   Oppose  SUMMARY